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The reports available through this site are incredible. This is such good quality they could be complete paid products in their own right. Not only have I learned from them myself using the content, they have also been directly responsible for adding 1000's of emails to my lists, and in turn 1000's of $$$ in commissions promoting to those same lists. Thank you so much for providing them and keeping them such high quality, keep it up!

Alex Copeland

I am just gob-smacked with my new Platinum Lifetime Membership here at Automated List Profits!

With with two complete Marketing Packages each month, as well as total access to all previous month's downloads as well!

All the packages are set-up in such a way, that it just so easy to launch your next Marketing Campaign! Well done Automated List Profits you have created a real goldmine for us all ... right here!

Donald Foster

Simon and Jeremy, are by far the leaders in marketing education.

The services they offer are over delivered every time and their support responses are fast and reliable every time.

If you have been "spinning your wheels" trying to find the right people to give you the heads up on what to do to make money online then you need look no more.They will teach you and offer you every service resource and support you will ever need.

Thanks a million times over guys you truly are the guru's we all need. Here's to the success and guidance bring to all your people.


Emma Powell

Hi Jeremy and Simon,

I started building my business for real about 2 weeks ago. I had bought many products, registered to many sites, downloaded truckloads of stuff. I had forgotten ( if it is at all possible ) all the incredible products you guys build. I'm with memberspeed, privileged memberships, marketingebookclub, and of course UTB.

I was searching elsewhere for THE ANSWERS to build my business and generate traffic.

You're probably thinking right now, "the poor guy was out of his mind, we give him everything he needs".

I've reorganized my bookmarks. Your products are among my first priority to use and have success.

In the past, when I needed support, you responded lightning fast. And I even noticed it would be easy to cancel anything if I wanted too. Why would I ever want to do that ? :)

I'm pretty sure you have an army of people helping you build your tremendous business. I look forward to have my own army for my own online success.

Thanks a lot !

Philippe Moisan

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